Mornin’, Sunshine!

As you may know, morning just ain’t my thing. Yesterday, I woke up saying, “The information is hidden in my arm!” Today, I felt the need to call a friend to tell her the spider monkey she named Nia isn’t really her baby. (She has neither a spider monkey nor a baby). If I narrate the dream I may have just had, I forget important words: “So you know, I was watching that thing? Where the thing goes around and around and people watch it? And you see picture and stories? A movie! Yeah, a movie!”

McIrish is very kind and tolerant (and entertained, let’s be honest) with my ramblings. So are the cat and dog. Willow trots out to greet me and wag and wags, gazing adoringly at me with her little black eyes. Huck snuggles as if sharing my pain. He even purrs as if to assure me it’s okay.

I have visions of the future, in which I will rise gracefully, stretch without all sorts of weird cracking sounds coming from my back and ribcage, and shall then to hold an intelligent and meaningful conversation. I will definitely let you know when this happens.

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