Suckle Kitten

November 12, 2012

My sister has a new kitten named Smokey. He is quite beautiful and funny and friendly. He purrs, he pounces, he commits the normal kitten destruction. And he does something else. Yes. He has a special blankie that he kneads and, um, nurses on. Now, Smokey is well away from needing his mommy and eats normal cat food. But when he’s sleepy, he goes to his blanket and starts.

I got to witness this event while visiting over the weekend. “Disturbing, yet fascinating,” was my verdict. “Weird and cute,” my daughter proclaimed. Dearest Son could not be reached for comment. “It’s even weirder when it’s your shirt,” my brother-in-law informed us.

Gonna take his word on that. Maybe get him a Baby Bjorn for Christmas.


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