The final post… or is it?

Dear Blog Reader,

Exciting news! My blog, which I’ve been writing for…ten years? eleven?… is now only going to be viewable to newsletter subscribers. My subscribers deserve a little something special not everyone can get, you know?

You may already be subscribed. If you are, you should have received the link and password to the new blog in an email from me last week. If you didn’t, click here to subscribe.

Writing this blog is a labor of love. You’ve read about some of my happiest moments, my beautiful and often hilarious family…and some of the saddest times, too. I think the blog contains the essence of my books, except it’s not fiction. A little exaggeration, maybe, usually in regard to Sainted Mother, but all true enough.

I appreciate you, your interest in my books and life, your affection. You, dear readers, are a hugely important part of my life. I hope you know that already, but if not, there it is.

Make sure you check out the new blog! I put an exciting post up there today.

Sending you lots of gratitude and the very best wishes,


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